Willow tree

Are you looking for a holiday or weekend location straight out of the land of dreams? A place where the scenery is so beautiful that you can gaze on it for hours? A village where the houses and gardens are so lovely that you would think they are straight out of a fabulously illustrated picture book?

Greyton, the "Jewel of the Overberg" is waiting for you.. and it's well within your reach. Only one-and-a-half hours from Cape Town, journey from the hustle and bustle of the city to the peace and tranquillity of Greyton. Experience the ambience and atmosphere of the village where time has stood still. This is a village of laid-back and friendly people. You can make the choice between just completely "chilling-out" or seeing and experiencing all there is to see.

At "Three Willows" you are in good walking distance of the village with all its quaint shops, art galleries, coffee shops and restaurants. Greyton also has wonderful hiking routes. You could also spend time lounging on the balconies overlooking the stunning views, swimming in the sparkling pool or lying at its side absorbing the wonderful sun.

Stroll out to dinner at night and experience the star-studded sky, the trees lit up with fairy lights and the clear intoxicating night air. You will find that the magical experience of the "here and now" will erase all the cares of everyday life. Enjoy the magical beauty, happiness and peace that surrounds you. You will return again.. and again.. and again.